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Realtime provides a powerful, convenient, and secure way for parents to stay connected with their child's school activities and information.  Through Realtime Parent Link®, parents can conveniently access student information like attendance records, schedules, and report cards.

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pickup patrol

Mount Olive elementary schools and middle school use PickUp Patrol.  PickUp Patrol allows you to report absences, notify of early dismissals and automates the dismissal process for our schools. Parents submit plan changes through a convenient app, eliminating the need for schools to track notes and phone calls. Parents do not need to write notes with dismissal instructions as all pick up information is submitted through PUP.


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For an in-depth look at the instructional software utilized within the MOTSD classrooms, we invite you to explore our comprehensive list of educational tools. This curated collection showcases the diverse range of technology integrated into our teaching practices to enrich student learning experiences. From interactive learning platforms to specialized subject-specific applications, our instructional software aligns with curriculum objectives and empowers educators to deliver engaging and effective instruction.